5 things to know about the optometry funding issue, and how the government can fix it

1. Optometry is underfunded in Ontario, with almost no increases to reimbursement in 30 years

This part is not in dispute.

Source: OAO

2. Ontario has the lowest funded eye exam in Canada

Not all provinces provide funding for eye care, but for those that do, Ontario is far below any other province. The next lowest is Manitoba at $77.

Source: OAO

3. Inflation alone should have raised reimbursement significantly, but it hasn’t

It’s an easy exercise to enter the OHIP billing fees from 1989 into an inflation calculator and see what the equivalent amount would be today:

4. The Ministry wants to dispute costs, but has done no work on their own to determine what those costs are

Late last year the OAO invited the government to participate in the chair-time cost study that would help inform the negotiations, but the government did not take part.

“We don’t know what it costs. We can’t just take their word for it.”

This is what Robin Martin said in the recent TVO interview, but the government has had plenty of opportunity to be involved in determining those costs, they have just chosen not to get involved.

5. The government has yet to commit to covering the cost to provide care

This is the big one.



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Patrick Monaghan

Patrick Monaghan

Dad to 2 kids on the spectrum. Autism Advocate.